Friday, October 1, 2021

Building Reading Skills : Space Ship Book (1965)


A school text for teaching reading skills. Since it was at the height of the space race, many of the illustrations and some of the text are about space exploration.  I have fond memories of elementary school during this time. Admittedly I was only 6 at the time but you get the idea. So I "cherry picked" my favorite text. The illustrations are late 1950s views of space flight. I assume you already don't need to be taught how to read, since you are reading this :)

Hargrave, Rowena and Leila Armstrong. Building Reading Skills : Space Ship Book. Wichita, KS : McCormick-Mathers Pub Co. (96 p.) 28 cm., 1965.
I like this introduction.

I almost needs this illustration above as a tee shirt.

Here is a short test of your contractions writing skills. Have fun!

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  1. Ooh, I already caught an error on the first page. That probe they said went to Mars first - they are showing Mariner 2, which was the first successful Venus probe in 1962. Note how even the planet they depict with the probe is featureless, which is pretty much how Venus looks from space due to its global cloud cover, not Mars.

    For the record, the first successful probe to Mars was Mariner 4 in 1965. Please note I think it is great to see such books from "my" day, thank you!