Friday, July 30, 2021

By Rocket To The Moon (1931)


To finish off my moon-laden July I have this one.

So this is an updated re-post of a book I blogged about in 2010.

I came across a less damaged copy of the book I took the opportunity to share this picture story. It is an early children's/young adult science fiction novel about a first trip to the moon. The author Otto Willi Gail was an early space flight thinker and writer.

The introduction to this children's book is very interesting about the author's conviction that this was a fictionalization of something that would happen some day.

The details of the story included a mysterious satellite from Atlantis orbiting the moon. An action packed story with stowaways, murders, and having to throw almost everything out of the ship to make it back to Earth. In the final scene they need to leave the ship to crash while they parachute down. The final line of the unbelievable story is below.

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