Friday, April 17, 2020

The Young Traveler in Space (1954)

With all the strangeness going on and having to work from home I am going to go back to my favorites. So this is the first in re-scanning some books that I have shared before over the last 10 or so years. I hope these still bring you as much joy and they do me.

Arthur C. Clarke. The Young Traveler in Space. Illustrated by Edmund Blandford, G.A. Frodsham and R.A. Smith. London : Phoenix House. (72 pp.) 28 cm.

This was Arthur C. Clarke's children's book to teach about spaceflight.
It was a basic book about the history of thought about spaceflight, basic principles of rockets and a explanation how we would get to the Moon and the planets.

 As the man who basically first put forward in print the idea of communication satellites, this diagram above is almost historic in showing and explaining this idea to children.

 There were many ideas about what a space station would look like but it was always promoted as the first part of our "steps to the planets."

 The next step was the Moon. This "vision" was based on plans developed by the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) and was illustrated by the best of the early British space artists, R.A. Smith.

This last photograph was part of the exploring the planets section. It was not clear exactly what it would look like but "space domes" were always thought to be a part of it.

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