Friday, April 10, 2020

Chick-Chick Easter Egg Space Color Kit (1966)

So to celebrate Easter this year I have been saving this item that I bought just after Easter in 2019. Back when the earth was new there appeared coloring kits for Easter eggs. Instead of vinegar and food coloring there were "kits" that your parents would buy. In 1966 there was a space-based Chick-Chick kit designed around a U.S.A. space station and the planets.

 Observe the rocket, satellites, space station and descending space capsule on the side of the box.
 The key to this "space shot" was the space station platform you could build to hold your decorated eggs.
 The platform and the space station had punchouts with facts about the planets.
 Alas poor Pluto was left out again from the list of planets (a premonition of the future?)
It also came with two coloring books, that you could color and enter a contest. The first (above) was rather generic, the second was this one:

You could win a bicycle if you could color imaginatively enough!

Happy Easter to you all.

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