Friday, December 1, 2017

Who is Stronger, Who is Better? (1963)

A nice children's book from USSR. It seems to be a collect of fictional stories of which one is about a trip to the moon with a pickle and two elves (fairies?)  (Would I lie to you?)

Who is stronger, who is better. V. Rosin. Kiev: Ditvidav 122 p. 22 cm. 1963. 

 Note that they find remnants of the 1959 Luna 2 probe : (The spacecraft carried Soviet pennants. Two of them, located in the spacecraft, were sphere-shaped, with the surface covered by identical pentagonal elements. In the center was an explosive charge designed to shatter the sphere, sending the pentagonal shields in all directions. Each pentagonal element was made of stainless steel and had the USSR Coat of Arms and the Cyrillic letters СССР ("USSR") engraved on one side, and the words СССР январь 1959 ("USSR January 1959") on the other side.)

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