Friday, December 8, 2017

Ott in Space (1979)

A little late for my usual date range but this 1979 Estonian storybook is too fun to miss.  And the story is actually from 1961 and  helped me discover a delightful spaceflight film for children.

The book is based on (from my "Googling" level of research) a 1961 Estonian stop-motion children's film 
"Ott in Space "  since the images seem very much the same.

Ott in space. Nijt Jellen. 1979. 19 pp. 13 x 21 cm. Softcover.

Here is the back cover if any of my readers can translate more information.

Basically Ott grows bored in school and decides to explore space for himself.

 He has stylized adventures on a couple of planets including Mars after escaping a lion he encounters on Earth and some grumpy penguins when he goes off course.

 He wishes he had listened better in school as he tries to figure out how to read the manual and find his way home.
 And Mars of course.

He now loves to study planetary physics, geography, and engineering. THE END

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