Tuesday, July 4, 2017

We Land On The Moon Coloring Book (Based on NASA'a Project Apollo): Satellites and Planets (1969)

We Land on the Moon Coloring Book Based on NASA's Project Apollo : Satellites and planets. [Happiness Coloring Book Series] Solar Communications, Inc 1969. 114 pp. #1052

One of the things most interesting is that in order to fill up the books they found as many space concepts they could and created illustrations of them.

So while this book has some satellite illustrations and drawings of the planets, the real treat is a bunch of space station concepts and interplanetary craft:

This concept from the mid-1960s involved hollowing out an asteroid to make it a habitat either for residence or long-term travel. See Islands in Space, by Dandrige M. Cole and Donald W. Cox and the 1965 book which Cole co-authored with Roy Scarfo, ‘Beyond Tomorrow: The Next 50 Years in Space.’

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