Saturday, July 1, 2017

We Land On The Moon Coloring Book (Based on NASA'a Project Apollo): Rockets to the Stars (1969)

So July is "Moon Month" for me so here we go.

In the period right after the first Moon landing there was a series of 6 coloring books released that tried to sum up everything about the journey: Where we had been, where we are, and where we were going.

Each coloring book was divided into two parts. The first was on the theme of the book (in this case "Rockets to the Stars") and the second a section called "To the Moon" which summed up the recent moon journey of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.

I have blogged about one of the coloring books on March 5th 2010 but it is time to revisit all of them. Unfortunately this one in particular is the dullest of the coloring books so this is the shortest entry.

We Land on the Moon Coloring Book Based on NASA's Project Apollo : Rockets to the stars. [Happiness Coloring Book Series] Solar Communications, Inc 1969. 114 pp. #1051

 Just a quick taste of the futuristic wonderfulness coming up in 3 days!

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