Friday, May 27, 2016

Space Answer Book (1972)

Space Answer Book is a collection of illustrations and questions about space flight. Because the title page says courtesy of The Associated Press, I think these were published in newspapers as a news item or filler.

Waugh, Coulton, Space Answer Book. Mahwah, NJ: Educational Reading Service, 44 p. 1972.

The author, Coulton Waugh, was a interesting figure in the history of comic strips.

"Frederick Coulton Waugh (10 March 1896, Cornwall, England - 23 May 1973) was a cartoonist, painter, teacher and author, best known for his illustration work on the comic strip Dickie Dare and his book The Comics (1947), the first major study of the field."

His work links comic strip artists of the 1940s, fine art, and art instruction. I am curious how he came to make this book but suggest that it was part of a newspaper feature (as I mentioned above). The illustrations are detailed and the questions answered cover some interesting topics.

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