Friday, May 20, 2016

Our Solar System Grade 4-5-6 Dittos (1961)

 Another addition to my "space in school" materials, more space dittos. These were the ubiquitous hand-outs that we got in classrooms when I was growing up.

I have blogged about dittos before:

They were called dittos because they were made on a machine manufactured by "Ditto" and they were usually "aniline purple."

Forler, Gladys. Space - Our Solar System Grade 4-5-6. Saint Louis, MO: Milliken Publishing Co. [30 pg.] 1961.

 These are very nostalgic for me of a time when these faded (and faint) purple hand-out were a supplement to our education. They reduced a topic to some very basic facts, and often there was a quiz based on them.

 I also remember these "fun pages," which were handed out when the teacher needed a break. We were told to work quietly at our desks and were often given the sheets late on a Friday or before a holiday.

Here is a list of some of the other science-based ditto sheet "masters".

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