Friday, July 19, 2013

National Geographic School Bulletin (1969)

We are approaching July 20, 2013.  It will have been 44 years since people first landed on the Moon. Even though it is not an international holiday, I still like to take a moment to remember what has been done and dream of what might be done.

The 1969 National Geographic School Bulletins was yet another classroom publication that made for "interesting" classroom reading.  National Geographic specializes in really nice picture and illustrations so here are some nice pictures from the dawn of our manned off-planet explorations.

 We anticipated a different future on the Moon, I still hope we get there.



  1. This is a happy walk down memory lane. I've shared it on Google+. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Outstanding find. I love this. Reminds me of when there were actual future plans for space exploration, instead of entrenching political arguments. Wish this future had of unfolded ...

  3. a decade later - I think I may have seen those back in elementary school. at least we seem to be pushing to get back again finally. as much as I liked the shuttle, it was a distraction from the moon really. If it could have worked well & cheaply it makes a good truck. but cheap was never going to happen with that for a few more generations of shuttle.