Friday, July 5, 2013

Jets (1963)

A 1963 printing of a pamphlet called "Jets". In the late 1950s and 1960s Aerospace research included bigger and better jets. This was a classroom pamphlet produced by the National Aerospace Education Council (NAEC). Up until the launch of sputnik this had been the National AERONAUTICS Education Council but in the new age of science education they started using a different name. This "Jets" pamphlet was originally published in 1953 so this is the October 1963 revised edition.

 Especially exciting was the idea that aerospace engineering was in a golden age and the changes would keep coming. The NAEC mission was "to provide information and simplified concepts from a sound educational and an accurate aviation point of view and assist teachers in their efforts to help youth live more intelligently by understanding the influence of this air age."
One seemingly reachable goal was to have air travel that was almost "like" taking rocket ships from place to place. This pamphlet show some of those efforts.

They probably updated this by extending that these exotic jets were just the next step toward real rockets.

"How can you help this to be a better jet and space world?"

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