Friday, June 7, 2013

Viagem A Lua (Travel to the Moon) (1956)

This is a Disney children's book  in Portuguese. It is part of a 6 book series produced in Brasil. This one concerns Mickey and Donald building a rocket in their barn to go to the Moon in order to win a  ten million dollar prize. (But why is Goofy on the cover, fishing?)

Viagem A Lua ( Colecao Favorita #6)
Rio  de Janeiro: Editora Brasil-America, 1956

However Peg-leg Pete gets a hold of their rocket and tries to take the credit (and money) himself.

Wheeled rockets are easier to move via trailer but why do they launch it straight up? I guess the wheels don't cause an aerodynamics problem because of their sophisticated power plant.

But everything works out and they get to explore the Moon. Observe the sophisticated lunar sampling tool.

The trip back home is lonely and long (with Pete tied up).

They make it back to Earth and tell the reporters that the Moon is interesting but that Earth is better. Meanwhile Pete is dizzy (disney?) from being in zero-g and is having trouble adjusting to Earth gravity.


It is a reprint of this 1952 Golden Book
"Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and His Space Ship" A Little Golden Book.


  1. I have the same in a German book from 1970 that collects 6 stories with copyright dates ranging from them 1950s-1960s. The colophon indicates they were all written in and translated from the English. Do you happen to have any info on the English-language originals? This was one of my favorite books as a kid!

    1. I think it is this 1952 book:
      1952 "Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and His Space Ship" A Little Golden Book

  2. Desperately trying to find the book you show from "travel to the moon" with Goofy fishing on the moon- I can't find it anywhere even in google searches. Do you know where I could find it- or even that image?

  3. This is this only Disney copyright book published in Romania in 40 years of comunism

    1. It is another one, with Donald and chip and dale with a big three with hazelnuts