Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"After Apollo - Exploring the Moon" Aerojet-General Spacelines and Rocket Review (1962 edition)

Not really a children's book or publication but I will make the case it is connected to space science in the classroom in the 1960s.  Aerospace companies like Aerojet-General Corp.(a subsidiary of The General Tire and Rubber Co.)  would issue newsletters about their work in aerospace. In this case it was something that was also sent to teachers who requested a copy.

It was a way for the teachers to get recent updates and news on the space program to share in the classroom.  In the center of this one is a great 1962 spread on what might be possible post-Apollo:

The details and various illustrations in this article give a snapshort of 1 company's proposal for the future.

I have seen this spacesuit design before but had never seen this diagramic illustration of how the suit and "moonmobile" were to go together.

 Beyond the illustration of this classic moon-suit, I really like the pictures of the next generation of moonships and the expedition to further explore the lunar surface

I also like the suggestion of a 500 mile expedition across the lunar surface in their "moonmobile".

This illustration of an Earth-based training facility is also pretty keen, especially the idea that the astronauts would train under vacuum conditions.

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