Friday, January 28, 2011

What's on the Moon? (1965)

Reader's Digest may not be the first place you go to find children's books about space flight but I found one.  In the 1960s there was a hunger for materials for the classroom. Reader's Digest evidently had a series of reprinted articles that they made available for classroom use.  Although the cover is alluring, most of the articles inside were not about space. The cover on this is very Bonestellian. The space article reprinted is a 1963 article:

Maisel, Albert Q. "The Fantastic Hazards of Landing on the Moon" Reader's Digest Sept 1963.
 On the inside is also a nice painting of men exploring the Moon.
Between "mountain climbing" and the huge cracks in the surface it looks like their Moon was a lot more exciting than "our" Moon.  The adventure of going to the Moon. Of course because this was intended for schools there had to be a quiz on the material at the end of the "interesting" reading.  Test your space knowledge (and knowledge of word endings)!

P.S. Are you getting ready for your “First Vacation on the Moon?

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  1. Is this book available to buy, it is very interesting and would love to get it, please advice