Friday, January 21, 2011

Do You Know About Our Solar System? (1963)

A quick one on a Friday.  While most of this book has pictures of the planets it does have one excellent illustration worth sharing.

King, H C. Illustrated by Hall, Roger. Do You Know about Our Solar System. London : Collins Sons and Co. (48 p.) 27 cm. Cloth. (1963)

Mostly concerned with astronomy, there are illustrations of space probes, the surfaces of several planets and a manned landing on the Moon. "Pageant of Knowledge" series.


  1. Did this book have a part that said something like "maybe someday we will land on the moon?" This book looks quite familiar to me, and I'm wondering if it's the one I had as a child.

  2. No, but the "Space Flight" one (1963) does!