Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inside Information on Space Travel (1970)

A very nice little book that takes us forward to the beginning of the Skylab period in spaceflight.  As early as the late 1960s ideas were floating around about using an empty Saturn upper stage as the basis for a space station.

Wood, Leslie Ashwell. Illustrated by Wood, Leslie Ashwell. Inside Information on Space Travel. London : Benwig Books Ltd. (23 p.) 16 x 21 cm. (1970)

For an excellent post about the author and artist, Leslie A Wood see Bear Alley March 2007

The idea of a "space liner" or reusable space ship was also seen as part of the near future. There did not seem much use in having a space station if we did not have a way to "zoom" up and back. It was assumed that we would have such a ship by the late 1970s (based on our rapid progress with Apollo).

A basic book with cutaway paintings of satellites, rockets, a tracking station, the Saturn 5 and Apollo spacecraft, a space station, and a space shuttle. Format is 1 page of text for each painting. Interesting for both its illustrations and its focus on Britain's contribution to spaceflight. Part of the "Inside Information" series of books.

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