Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Holidays from My Room

Marx space men, Lego Saturn V, Ribbons from 1969, C.S, Hammond poster, Mir Space Station
This will be my last post of this year so I thought I would invite you all over to my room for a party!  My house does not have a lot of wall space so I have decorated my office instead.  Most people's reaction upon entering is silence as they try to take in what a BIG spaceflight fan I am.
Lenticulars from Vari-vue, W. C. Jones, Asahi Trading Co., Reaver Ship from Serenity,
I have been slowly gathering lenticular postcards of spaceflight and especially the moon landing so this "gallery" is one of my favorite things to look at.

"Space Age", Tin-tin, Snowy, Marx astronaut, Lego Lunar Module, K'nex Apollo 15 Lunar Lander
Here is my "Space Age 1959" poster that I blogged about last spring. In front of it is my lunar module and various space explorers.

Robbie, Dalec, Alien, Lunar Lander

Here you see a collection of assorted robots to the left, a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes that had the "Man in Space" patches I adored as a child, and just a hint of a "Tomorrowland" game.  Behind it all is the wonderful poster of all the fictional spaceships made by the authors of the Spaceship Handbook,  Jack Hagerty and  Jon C. Rogers. Seriously if you don't have that book you need to ask Santa for it soon!
Spy Satellite editorial cartoon, Spaceship one photo, Cover of Man-made Satellites by John Polgreen, Collier's Oct 18, 1952, Flight to the Moon Scrapbook, Mission Space preview pass, 6th anniversary OC Girl Scout celebration
My "space wall". This is a mixture of space related things my kids have done along with images from Disney, Bonestell, Polgreen, and Spaceship 1.
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Below my wall are a few of my favorite space books. I swap them out every once in a while since I love the covers.  If I had the space I suppose I would display all my books this way.

Another piece of comic art that I love. This was the advertisement for a comic called "Race for the Moon".  It was drawn and sent to the printer about two weeks after Sputnik 1 went up. I really like the feeling I get from it being at the dawn of the space age.
Finally another favorite poster: "Librarian in Space". I work in an academic library as a biology librarian and was really happy when one of the academic publishers made posters about librarians helping different scientists out. They had undersea, cave exploration, and finally one in space.  I know it doesn't actually picture a real librarian but I can "Dream of space" can't I? 

Happy holidays.

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  1. Every office should look like this, John -- or at least any I'd want to occupy. Good "work"!

    Happy Saturnalia,
    Michael S.