Friday, October 1, 2010

Operation Moon (1962)

A very short pamphlet to share today. I don't know much about this but the date. It evidently was an encouraging pamphlet for working Americans presented with a wild new idea. And speaking of dates doesn't this illustration below seem eerily accurate? From 1962, a Moonlanding in 1969 was on the schedule but this is a little creepy. I know the real mission didn't launch until July 16th but I can give them the benfit of the doubt for accuracy from 7 years away.

An additonal bit of interest is that the Apollo design in the drawings is still far from the final version.

It looks like they were still planning a single stage to the moon mission, judging from the lander shown. The next illustration suggests one of the motivations for this pamphlet, the fact that the Russians might get there first. In fact I have found very few depiction of the Russians on the Moon (including the Russian flag) in English language books.

In 1962 it seemed like an impossible goal set by a opportunistic but charismatic president. We will go to the Moon...But can we go to the Moon?

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