Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Audels Encyclopedia of Space Science (1963)

A thick two volume encyclopedia that is just that, lots of terms and subject. But this book also has some very nice illustrations. If you hunger like me for new space art you find yourself looking through any book of a "certain age" that might have some space pictures in it.
(1963) Highland, Harold Joseph. Audels encyclopedia of space science; the marvelous world of space and electronics. New York: T. Audel. (1004 p.) 25 cm.

Mostly I wanted to share a few more pictures.
Everyone remembers Jet-Packs and wants their own but what happened to my Flying Platform!
Here is a very early model of the proposed Lunar Lander

Some NOVA Rockets

And a nice flight into interstellar space

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  1. Wonderful stuff!
    I do not understand why so few images open to larger?