Monday, March 1, 2010

Scientific Wonders (1953) / Wonders of Space Travel (1954)

Lion Weekly was a magazine for children with comics and stories. (from Wikipedia It ran from 1952-1974. Evidently once in a while they would have extra booklets as part of the magazine.

I am fascinated with children's non-fiction about spaceflight. I especially like these early efforts where children were told and shown their brave new future. Here are a couple of these booklets from Lion: Scientific Wonders of Today and Tomorrow 1953 (Lion #32) and Wonders of Space Travel 1954 (Lion #116).

I love how these early efforts towards space were presented as glimpses of the future.

In this one mixed in with the factual items about plans for space was this great illustration of the moon city of the future. It is by R. A. Smith , the amazing British space artist ( from the AC Clarke book: "The Exploration of Space"

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