Monday, March 29, 2010

Boy's Own Paper : Moon Wreck (November 1953)

Eye candy for today. OK I am feeling a little lazy. It is the end of the month and I have a bunch of non-fun work to do. The cool ship on this cover is awesome in design. (By the way, did you know if you click on the first image in each of my posts you can get a nice large image to download?)


  1. Yes, I believe I'd noticed that about the 1st images -- though I didn't realize it was consistently the case. Thanks! (I also love it when the more interesting interior images come in "plus" sizes.)

    Pretty much related to this particular post, but ... John, have you seen the new book Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race, 1957–1962, by Megan Prelinger? Intensely cool, and beyond doubt a "Dreams of Space" sort of book, even though the focus isn't on children's books per se.

    -- Michael S.

  2. beautiful books !
    are just out of this world !
    thank you