Monday, November 23, 2009

Moonshot 1970 (1967)

Moonshot 1970 was published in 1967. At the time the optimistic title made a lot of sense. It seemed like we were on a roll and this booklet explained how we would get there. But this pamphlet was popular enough to take several journeys of its own while we were working our way to the moon.

Lomask, Martha . Illustrated by Mellor, Gordon. Moonshot 1970. Columbus, OH: For Children, Inc. (33 p.) 18 cm. "Grow-ahead"

Just for fun, they issued a 1968 version with a 3-d pop-up in the back which they called "Our Man on the Moon":

Also available in 1968 as a free premium on the giant size of Thrill dish soap.
In 1969 you could read this pamphlet as a give-away from Tang as "The Big Trip to the Moon" complete with Tang advertisement on the back or...

Finally while you were flying on TWA in 1969 you could read "Moonshot 1970" all over again.

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