Monday, November 2, 2009

Junior Scholastic (1961)

Weekly Reader and Junior Scholastic were two mainstays in my elementary school days. These were weekly "newspapers" printed for school use. They would be used to teach current events or to add to a science or social studies unit. For those of us in school they felt like a break in the school day. They had a couple of news stories, some jokes, even a cartoon. While most people did not keep them, I occasionally find a few on Ebay about space flight.

Fall is in the air where I live and school and space seem to go together like hot chocolate and ghost stories.


  1. Great stuff (as usual)! I especially like the top cover, Sept. 20, 1961, on which one may recognize a couple of Frank Tinsley's "Mars Snooper" spacecraft, inspiration for the legendary, same-named Estes model rocket (

    --Michael S.

  2. What a great thing to collect! These are so fantastic. Love these early 60's late 50's space images especially in the kid's books.

  3. On further reflection ... those ships do lack the distinctive two-section main fins of the Mars Snooper and should thus be considered only cousins, like G. Harry Stine's Space Scout (

    -- Michael S.

  4. John,
    What an incredible blog site you have! I love it. I just came across it via a link from the Googie Architecture Online site. I'm becoming a follower. Also, love your Dr. Strange (right?) avatar.