Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whopper Space Stories/ The Giant Book of Amazing Stories (1952)

So here are two of a kind. Publishers were constantly repackaging stories and here is the hardback and softcover versions of the same British annual for kids.

Boyd, Edward and Allward, Maurice. Illustrated by North, T E, Branton, R.A. and Gaffron, Bruce. Whopper Space Stories. London : Children's Press. (62 p.) 26 cm. Softcover.

A softcover reduced version of "The Giant Book of Amazing Stories". Still includes the articles by Maurice Allward with a comic strip and several fictional space stories. Has the same cover and illustrations (for the included articles) but no color plates.

Giant Book of Amazing Stories (Children's Press, nd) [96pp], cover by ?, sc)Front cover has a glass-roofed space station with rockets flying past.* [Comic Strip] * Rex Strong on the Planet Orbona * cs [Rex Strong]* [Comic Strip] * Dave Garrett and the Space Pirates * cs* Anonymous * A Question of Proof * ss* Anonymous * Mickey's Monkey * ss* Anonymous * Space Barr and the Saboteur * ss* Anonymous * A Matter of Time * ss* Anonymous * Mutiny in Space * ss* Anonymous * Space Barr and the Insect Army * ss* [Comic Strip] * Rex Strong: Space Ace * cs [Rex Strong]* [Comic Strip] * Don Regan * cs* Anonymous * The Miraculous Mushrooms * ss* Anonymous * Space Pirate * ss* Anonymous * Operation Mirror * ss
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  1. ive just bought Whopper Space Stories from a car boot for 50p! not bad condition either