Friday, August 7, 2009

Walt Disney's Man in Space : Satellites (1958)

After the launch of Sputnik and the US Explorer satellites, Disney got into the space race by publishing an educational comic book about it. They had just released a film in the theaters called "Eyes in Outer Space' so they took some ideas from that plus their experiences with their other "Man in Space" comic books.

Walt Disney. Walt Disney's Man in Space: Satellites. New York: Dell Publishing Co Inc. (29 p.) 26 cm.

The text explains rocket theory, satellite orbital mechanics, and possible uses for satellites. It stops at the launching of Explorer III but goes into detail on the construction of satellites and the future uses of satellites. The last few pages on the benefits of space are especially charming for their time.

See 1959 reprint with the other 2 Dell adaptations of "Man in Space" films as: "Walt Disney's Man in Space" (1959). "Dell Comics" (#954).

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