Thursday, March 19, 2009

Space Stand-ups (1951?)

I know nothing about this item except it is exceptionally charming. It is only 4" x 4" with no publisher markings. I have seen several so it must have been a standard coloring book or give-away.

When space books started coming into "fashion" there were a lot of products that came and went with out much of a trace.

This was a coloring book/activity book. You were supposed to coloring each of the illustrations, cut them out, and fold them to make them stand up.

You can't really call these non-fiction (like most of my collection) but they do show how the visions of space suits, a space station, and a future trip to the moon started to become fixed in children's minds. This stands poised between Buck Rogers and Alan Sheppard as something fun to think about but not very likely.

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