Monday, March 30, 2009

Rocket to the Moon (1961)

Sort of a children's book and sort of something else...

The "Panorama" books were a series of books that had additional media attached. Included with this book were 2 cards containing 32 (6 x 14 mm) slides of the illustrations, (that worked only on a "Panorama" slide projector) and a 33 1/3 (20 min.)photograph record narrating the story. The narration for this particular book was by Walter Cronkite.

The book consisted of a short introduction to space flight and then 32 pages where each page describes a different stage of a trip to the moon represented by the illustration.

Bonestell, Chesley. Illustrated by Bonestell, Chesley. Rocket to the Moon. New York: Columbia Record Club Inc. (46 p.) 30 cm.

Chesley Bonestell was one of the foremost space artists of the 1950s and 1960s. His illustration are mazing and worth seeking this book out just for them. There was a 1968 edition of this book with some of the paintings in color.

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  1. I had this book. The pics in the book were monotone, but the slides were in full, glorious color.