Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exploring Space (1964)

Highlights Magazine was a children's magazine like Jack and Jill. It seemed to be subscribed to by doctor's offices and public libraries but it was OK to read when you had nothing else. They collected interesting articles occasionally into Highlights Handbooks.
Dietz, David and others. Exploring Space (2nd ed.) Columbus, OH : Highlights for Children Inc. (33 p.) 28 cm.

This was an anthology of non-fiction articles and illustrations from 1947-1961 about space from "Highlights Magazine". Topics covered included astronomy, construction of a space stations, and manned flights to the Moon and Mars. Illustrations of rockets, space suits, space stations and a Moon landing. "Highlights Handbook" series. See 1960 1st edition.

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  1. John,
    Ever consider putting together some sort of "spaceship taxonomy" with the books you blog on here, similar to what was done in Hagerty's "Spaceship Handbook" or Miller's "The Dream Machines"? For instance, in today's "Exploring Space" we recognize Stuhlinger's "umbrella ships" from Disney's "Mars and Beyond" and von Braun's wheeled space station; in "Operation Moon", von Braun's Lunar Lander; and so on. I think that would be a nifty additional way of tagging the books.

    --Michael S.