Friday, April 14, 2023

The Conquest of Space (1962?)


I last blogged about this book in 2015 so it is time for a revisit. I got a second copy that has a couple of things I had not seen before. The Conquest of Space is a 1962 (?) Australian stamp album. It is intended for children to collect paper stamps they get in Nestle chocolate bars and then they could send away for this album. 

John Gunn. The Conquest of Space. Sidney : The Nestle Company (Australia) Ltd. 55 pp. 1962?

One of my favorite features is the certificate in the front. You also got a "Nestle's Space Club" pin which this copy still had in the book. 

Below is one of the stamps. On the back it tell you how to order the stamp album. There were 100 stamps in total if you completely filled the album.

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