Friday, October 7, 2022

Mole Rocket (1965)


Mole Rocket is a Czechoslovakian children's book about a mole finding a rocket. It is a silly piece of fiction but since it does have adventuring in a rocket it seemed worth sharing.

Miler. Mole Rocket, 1965.

When the mole crash lands, the rocket breaks apart in pieces.

Some friendly sea creatures help him find the pieces so he can go home.

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  1. The Mole was a very popular figure outside of Czhechoslovakia as well, both on TV and in children's books. Used to read the Mole books growing up in Norway in the 1960s. ;)

    They liked sending popular children's characters to space in the old Warzaw Pact, case in point East Germany's Sandmännchen. He was a stop-motion animated doll who actually went to space with the first German (DDR citizen Sigmund Jähn) in 1978. You can see them here: