Friday, September 16, 2022

Snoopy in Space (1969)


So a slightly different post today. This is from a 2010 publisher's promotional catalog for The Peanuts Collection. It had a nice section on Peanuts in Space and I wanted to share it and my memories.

I was a huge Peanuts fan in the 1960s as a child. I was fascinated with spaceflight and was thrilled when "Peanuts" joined the space program. I really like Snoopy as an astronaut and the Charlie Brown and Snoopy designation for the Apollo 10 Command Module and Lunar Module. (see here for more )

I begged to get this Snoopy doll and had a Peanuts Calendar on my wall.

Snoopy astronaut doll, re-issue

Peanuts and Snoopy were central to my experience of watching people land on the Moon.

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