Friday, February 11, 2022

Danny Dunn and the Anti-gravity Paint (1956)


Very sorry for the large gap in posts. It has been the biggest gap I have had for years, missing 4 weeks of posts. So on with the children's books!

Danny Dunn and the Anti-gravity Paint was a 1956 fictional book. Part of a 15 book series about Danny Dunn written by by Jay Williams and Raymond Abrashkin.  In 1967 they reprinted "...and the Anti-Gravity Paint." It had a new painted cover making it seem modern to young space-age children. Danny Dunn books were loosely science-based so the problems were solved with scientific ideas. I thought the 1956 space race setting of the book connects it with others of the time like Rocket Ship Galileo.

Jay Williams and Raymond Abrashkin. Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats. Danny Dunn and the Anti-gravity Paint. New York : McGraw-Hill. 154 p. 1967 reprint

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  1. An "anti gravity paint" is the mechanism used by H.G. Wells in The First Men in the Moon from 1900.