Thursday, August 3, 2017

A is For Astronaut: A Classroom "Tribute" to Apollo 16 mission (1972)

This is a pleasantly unique item. In  1971-1972 a teacher led their 2nd grade class in creating a class project about Apollo 16.  The mission was in April 1972 but from markings in this scrapbook/artist's book they had been studying the mission all school year (1971-1972)

I am fascinated by the artists' naive approach to illustrating what they knew about the mission. I also like how each of the artists developed a simple image for each of the 26 letters.  (Although there were 27 images since they had 1 more student than letter.)

 I especially like "K is for Kicking Rocks"


  1. WOW!!! These are great. We did a similar project when I was in grade school in the early 1970's. Thanks for sharing these. They were exciting times and the enthusiasm shows in the drawings. I wonder what "V is for vanish" means though. Perhaps it when the spacecraft enters the earth's atmosphere and there's radio blackout? That one is a bit of a mystery!

  2. YES - IT IS ABSOLUTE GREAT! May bee topic for an article in the time of Artemis?
    Vanish: perhaps the parts of the spacecraft, that not come back? Childreen think a lot about such details.
    Thank you very much. I think many times about the pictures in oure brains, I think a lot about the images that shape our imagination. This teacher and students deserve to be more famous. Ask NASA-Spaceflight, where a bunch of young enthusiasts report on developments in space at a high level. Or at everyday-astronaut. Everything also on Youtube and with millions of viewers, also on NASA etc.