Friday, October 25, 2019

The Adventures of Belka and Strelka (1961)

The Adventures of Belka and Strelka. Yuri Galperin. Illustrated by V. Vinokur. Moscow: Children's World. (48 pp.) 11 cm. 1961.

A rare children's book about the famous Russian Space dogs, Belka and Strelka. A tiny board book it shows their training and journey into space.

 They are delivered to a tailor who makes their space suits.

 The launch of the rocket containing Belka and Strelka took place on August 19, 1960.

 "The rocket kept flying forward. It's no more than a tiny star in the sky, and the television shows us everything that goes on in the cabin. The dogs have become used to the flight and peacefully eat their jelly."

 So that millions of children at home have an opportunity to hear the space travelers they are taken to the radio station where the listening admirers hear the sound of the intrepid space scouts.

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