Friday, April 26, 2019

Journey to Moon Village (1963)

Journey to a Moon Village is another of the Christian children's space books I have found.  I sure there were not a lot of these but they are interesting in bring together space age excitement and Christian values.

Pyle, Pacheco. Journey to moon village.  Springfield, MO : Gospel Pub. House, 1963. (60 p.) 19 cm, 1963.

 The story is about how a boy discovers a friendly preacher and his message while they take care of the bad guy : "Dirty Curtis."

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  1. I consider myself a Christian but I've got to say that reading the little bit of text here seems very bizarre. Hopefully, committing your life to Christ comes up more "organically" than the way it appears in the sample pages you've provided where it just seems to come out of nowhere. Still, I love these old books and appreciate all the work you do to update your blog with some fantastic space art from the early days of the space program!