Friday, March 8, 2019

Susie Saucer and Ronnie Rocket (1954)

Here is a rather fun children's fictional story about romance. I did not read it in detail but thought some of these illustrations speak for themselves. Basically a nice saucer from Venus meets and falls in love with a missile from Earth. (see below)

Claire, Stella. Illustrated by Edward Andrewes. London : Werner Laurie. (61 p.) 1954

 Jets chasing UFOs but she evades them and then she meets a very nice young missile.

 She gets too playful and ends up in the mud.
 After some action with Saucers and The Justice from Jupiter, Susie and Ronnie get together to live on Venus.

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  1. In an idle moment I searched for this as it's one of the few books I remember from my very early childhood. (I was born in 1952). How lovely to find it and to be able to revisit so many of it's unusual (for the time) illustrations. Thank you!