Friday, February 1, 2019

Moonflight (1968)

Starting my 10th year of posting on this blog on February 2nd! Happy BLOG DAY TO ME! This Feb. I will highlight 4 classroom fiction books about space with great black and white illustrations.

They were all 3 part school reading books.  I have chosen to "digest" the stories into essential illustrations and text.

Moonflight (1-3). Sheila McCullagh. Illustrated by G Alfo Quin. Belmont, CA : Lear Siegler, Inc. (3 x 32 p.) Softcover

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  1. Happy 10th Birthday John! A great achievement! Dreams of Space Blog and Website were the things I looked at the most when I needed inspiration. Still do. Looking at your map of hits you have readers everywhere! Well done and keep up the stellar work!