Friday, January 18, 2019

Is There Water in the Sea of Rains? (1982)

 Is There Water in the Sea of Rains? A. Tomlin. Malysh, Moscow. 26 p. 1982. Softcover

A very nice painted space book from Russia.  It seem to be about a fantasy trip to the Moon to explore what it is actually like.  The painting are amazing and since we are experiencing a lot of rain this time of year I liked posting a book about the Sea of Rains.

 The multicolored Moon surface reminds me of Alan Bean's painting of the Moon surface. He said when he was there that it is really much more than pure black and white.

Alan Bean's Gallery

 I am also struck by the size of their imaginary lander, a sort of Cadillac moon vehicle.

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  1. I love the artwork on display in this book. It's so colorful and alive regardless of the subject of the book itself. Thank you for sharing this!