Friday, July 13, 2018

Men in Space (1970)

Edelman, Jeffrey. Illustrated by Evans, Christopher. Men in Space. London : Ginn. (16 p.) 23 cm. Softcover. Color drawings. “First interest in space books #6” series. 1970

This one is special because of the 2001 illustration (see below).

Mostly it is about the life of the astronauts and their training.

 This is an amazing 1st page, the possibilities for punch-lines are endless. There is also the fast that all astronauts live in perfect suburbs with 3 children, a stay at home wife, and a huge front lawn.

 I also appreciate the "realistic" unshaven astronaut.

 This illustration is out of place, except can you think of a better space station to inspire 2nd graders?
 I also love any illustration of the space port of the future. The future is full of lines and airport-like experiences!
This last illustration is almost a recruiting poster for our "dreams of space" 


  1. ... back then - almost all of the astronauts DID live in a suburb with the sort of life depicted.

  2. That last picture s a straight steal from the painting 'The Boyhood of Raleigh' by Millais, which was known to every British schoolkid back then.