Friday, June 1, 2018

Rockets and Satellites Work Like This (1964 2nd revised ed.)

Taylor, John W.R. Illustrated by Wood, John W. Rockets and Satellites Work Like This (2nd revised edition). London : Phoenix House / New York: Roy Publishers. (71 p.) 26 cm. Cloth, DJ. 1964
"Science Works Like This" series. See 1959 1st edition. 

This book tries to cover a wide range of topics from space history, to rocket theory, modern missiles, and human exploration of space. It uses strong black and white illustrations to share its ideas.

 Some of the current missiles in action

 A few "futuristic" illustration of how Moon exploration was expected to play out.

 The illustration were not updated much from the 1959 edition but I enjoy some of the possible space ships of the future.

 Finally I enjoy these strong final words to the readers of this book:

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