Friday, February 9, 2018

Top Secret: The first flight to the moon (1960)

Top Secret is a British juvenile novel that I recently discovered. There were many of these published around that time but I found the illustrations in this one particularly charming. The plot is similar to many with children having a relative who happens to have a home-built rocket.

Top secret; the first flight to the moon. David Young. Illustrated by Eccles Williams.
Leicester: Brockhampton Press, 86 pp.  19 cm. 1960

 The author was a Fellow of the British Interplanetary society and an engineer. He was inspired to write a story for his children.

 I very much like the statement at the front about confidentiality and a secret moon gun under study by the British government.

 I also liked very much that Jodrell Bank is mentioned as the satellite dish that receives the signals they are returning from the Moon.

They did not pick a very conspicuous landing spot did they? I am surprised that this "secret mission" is not more widely known.

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