Friday, February 3, 2017

Disney Man in Flight (1957)

To start off we need to fly before we can "rocket" so here is a Disney comic based on their "Man in Flight" documentary.

It was an episode on the Disneyland television show. It aired on March 6, 1957.

It was released also as a comic book: 1957, Dell no.836.  (Yes I know this is a pretty beat-up copy)

It was also converted into a school text, (which I blogged about here: )

 Most of it (obviously) is about the story of airplanes and flight.  But as part of the series it showed how aerospace exploration was leading to jets and rockets in the near future.  This front page makes it explicit:

 Since the style of the film mixed animation with real life, the style of illustrations also cahge panel to panel and page to page.

 "But eyes are still on tomorrow..."

And a lovely final panel.  More Disney in space next week!

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