Friday, December 16, 2016

My Weekly Reader ( Sept 15, 1965)

Another My Weekly Reader, this time from Sept 15, 1965.  I am fascinated by how space news came into the classroom. It is unlikely that I read this issue since I would have been in 1st grade at the time it came out and this is the 3rd grade edition.

 The first pictures of Mars must have excited the kids. It makes Mars a real place you could go someday.
The inside article show the next round of Apollo astronauts.  If people were going to the moon someday, why would any child not think Mars was next?

 Hope you read carefully! These quizzes are tricky!

Finally, a pretty deep question. Why do we want to learn more? (I think because we need to understand where we live. Without comparison you have a sample set of one.)

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