Friday, November 18, 2016

Highlights Magazine (1956)

June-July 1956

A couple of articles from Highlights Magazine in 1956.  Highlights for Children, often referred to simply as Highlights, is an American children's magazine. It began publication in June 1946. For those of us in America it seemed to be a staple of doctor's offices. I did not know anyone who subscribed individually. At best you can say it was "benign" and not too interesting. However it was something to read and I thought you might like seeing these articles.

 I am fascinated with the "propaganda" aspect of the Chief of the Department of Space Medicine taking the time to help write an article for children.  It seems part of an effort to educate children about a world they would be growing up in soon.
 "Why mice may go to the moon before men"

The second is from Highlights May 1956

While not an article about space it still may be of interested to those of us interested in atomic science as seen from 60 years ago.

Just for fun here is an imaginary being from Jupiter as shown in the June-July issue:

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