Friday, September 2, 2016

Space Horizons, Unlimited (1957)

This may not seem very exciting to most of you (both of you?) but I have been looking for this publication for over 10 years.  Bruce Miller was the superintendent of the Riverside School system and wrote some guides to how to teach about spaceflight in the classroom. These are some of the earliest guides like this I have found. They show how teachers were encouraged to bring rockt trips and moon flights into the elementary classroom.

Miller, Bruce. Space horizons unlimited : with classroom trip to the moon. Riverside, Calif. : Bruce Miller. (30 p.) 22 cm. Softcover. With audio disc (1s. : 7 in. ; 45 rpm) (Sound effects for space frontiers unlimited).

An example of something very rare but not particularly valuable except to someone who loves this early space in the classroom stuff.

 I am sorry for posting so much text that is hard to read but I am fascinated by the author's approach to getting teachers excited by the possibilities.

Even better for me, the pamphlet came with the original record of sound effects to "bring the sounds of space to your classroom."  Here is the script of what is on the record.

I am also on the look out for his 1958 classroom pamphlet:

Miller, Ray. The Spaceman at Home and at School. Riverside, CA: Bruce Miller. (23 p.) 22 cm. Softcover.

Taking a short break in posting, work beckons. I'll be back in a week or two.

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  1. Might you be able to share MP3s of the space sounds record?