Friday, August 5, 2016

Clouds, Rings, and Crocodiles:By spaceship round the planets (1955)

A lightweight summer post today.

This is the British edition of a book I already blogged about here in 2010:

The author H. Percy Wilkins was the Director of the British Astronomical Association, Lunar section and a Fellow of the B.I.S.

Wilkins, H. Percy. Illustrated by Jauss, Anne Marie (U.S. Ed.). Clouds, Rings and Crocodiles: By Spaceship Round the Planets. Boston: Little Brown and Co. (148 p.) 22 cm. Cloth, DJ / London : Harrap. (127 p.) 20 cm. 1955 UK/1956 U.S.

Showing the backside of the Moon

The British edition was published first so this gives me a chance to show illustrations that were different from the American edition, since they were done by the author. As you can see the American edition was also longer than the British.(The "tan" are from the American edition.)

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