Friday, April 22, 2016

Russian fictional trip to the moon (1970)

Winged samaras on the Moon. J. Miltenov.Illustrated by Nikolai Mirchev. Sofia: Bulgarian Artist. 45 p. 30 cm, 1970.

I am sure that is not the title but the google translate options does not work well.  Here is what the seller typed:

"Курносик на Луне" 

Samaras are a one-winged seed, like a maple seed. Feel free to give me a more correct title in the comments.

A readers comments: "Курносик на Луне"... "Курносик" is a boy's name (surname or nickname). For example it means he has a snub nose."

It is a fictional story really only by the inclusion of a cosmonaut smaller than a lady bug. :)

 This is on of the stranger illustrations I have seen in these books. I wish I knew what the story says at this point.


  1. "Курносик на Луне"... "Курносик" its boy's name (surname or nickname). for example it means he has a snub nose.

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