Friday, December 25, 2015

Tom Corbett Space Cadet Push-Outs (1952)

Happy Holidays from Dreams of Space.

I try every year to have a Christmas posting. Sometimes it is something Christmas related and others it is a toy for my readers. This is one of the most beautiful punch-out or push-out books I know of. Even though it is not children's non-fiction it evokes the early 1950s vision of space. Plus everyone needs some toy rayguns and other gear for their own space cosplay over the holidays. Enjoy!
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet Push-Outs. Rockhill Productions, Akron, OH: Saalfield Publishing Co., 1952. 

Item code 4304--25 on cover. 10.5" x 14", 8 cardstock pages, including covers, of incredibly colorful push-outs of Tom Corbett rocket ships, ray guns, badges, rings, arm bands, 'walkie-talkie 2-way Space Phone' and stand-ups of Cadets, pirates and the Space Academy.  The early 50's space artwork is amazing: the cover art is signed by the noted illustrator Florian.

Even though the pages are beautiful,  I think all the gadgets and badges are what's really neat. So here are separate scans so you can print out your own set of rings, gadgets and patches.

 If you don't want to be a hero, you can also be a Space Pirate with its bat-wing symbol.

 The details in this book are really amazing.


  1. i haven't checked out your blog for a while
    always a pleasure to wander around
    (the guy from Mondorama 2000)