Friday, June 19, 2015

RM-1 Startuje. (Polish space science book) (1959)

This is a book that I do not know very much about so I would appreciate corrections/translation by any readers.

It seems to cover general science topics, including spaceflight. It was sent to me by a reader who was part of disposing of a huge collection  of books. When he say this he thought I needed it for my collection He said, "I cannot read or speak Polish, so I have no idea what the title means. Perhaps you can decode it with your knowledge of space exploration."

RM-1 Startuje. Zygmunt Dabrowski and Witold Kozak. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Harcerskie, 1959. 125 p. Softcover.

"Wyspa Ciolkowskiego" translates as "Tsiolkovsky Island" which is a perfect name for a space station!

This illustration suggests it may have been intended for use in a school setting.


  1. I don't know any Polish but "Wyspa Ciolkowskiego" immediately jumped out as looking oddly familiar: it turns out to translate as "Tsiolkovsky Island" which is a perfect name for a space station!

  2. In case you didn't know Wydawnictwo Harcerskie was the publishers of the ZHP, the Polish Scouting and Guide organisation.

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  4. I'm polish ;] I'll translate scans showed above. I'm quite busy now, so you have to wait several days.

  5. Tittle: "RM-1 is starting"
    Diag 1: "First part of the party takes place with curtain closed. While showing slides there a screen hangs on it" On the diag: "Flights schedule"
    Diag 4: "Start field is surrounded by huge wall"
    Diag 5: "An astronaut outside of the rocket must be leashed. There is no resistance either gravity in the space desert. He moves using jet gun"
    Diag 6 : "Space tanks are catched by rocket crew an used to supply the rocket in fuel"
    Diag 7:"Draft of designed by soviet scientists satellite-base, called "Tsiolkovsky Island". Detailed description of this project can be found in the book "From artificial satellite to space base""
    Diag 36 "Time machine"